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Always moving forward

In its outlook and philosophy, Focarini brings together two unique disciplines: cycling and moto sport. The head of our company acquired his expertise as the owner of a moto racing team, gaining an unparalleled understanding of mechanics and construction.

Electric bikes are the natural extension of this passion. Combined with the backgrounds of the rest of our staff, which include top-level road cycling and mountain biking, our approach is to concentrate on innovation and always look ahead.

We ride bikes and we make them. We know what it is to form an attachment to something so simple and elegant, and we never lose sight of that fact. Your bike bears our family name, and we are proud of it.

Your first impression might be, I have never heard of Focarini bikes! In an era where marketing and sales skills replaced true values of real bike makers, we as a company focused on our italian market, though we added to our team new members from other European countries to enlarge our horizons and reach new destination.

Born out of Italy

We’re Italian. In an increasingly homogenised world, does this matter? We think it does.
Italy is a land of excellence. Art, design and imagination come together to produce objects of importance: beautiful to look at and beautiful to use.
Italy is a place that inspires. Our cities, with their history and movement, are as much an inspiration as our countryside, with its ever-changing terrain, mountain passes and roads leading to distant hilltop villages.
In Italy, there’s no such thing as an everyday product. Whatever you create, it matters. When you ride a Focarini, we believe you’ll understand why.

The Focarini family

When you buy a Focarini, you become part of a family. You join a group of passionate people who share your outlook and who are ready to help you wherever you are. It’s the Italian way. For us, customers are simply an extended set of friends.
We believe in openness and two-way conversations. In a world of bland corporations, our desire is to create a cycling community via our Focarini bike range. It’s our love for what we do, shared with you.

Small engines, big performance

When selecting an engine manufacturer for our electric bikes, there was no question who to turn to. Polini, founded in 1945, are the makers of some the best small-sized engines ever produced. Italian icon Vespa used Polini motors, knowing that their performance and durability were vital to the success of their classic scooters. In their own way, Polini powered Italy, getting people moving and expanding horizons.
Today the company continues to break new ground, their latest generation E-P3 electric engine ensuring new levels of power, light weight and compactness wherever they’re used. Including, of course, in Focarini bikes.

Ethics and the environment

Cycling is an environmentally-friendly activity, and we take our commitment to a clean planet extremely seriously.
We source our raw materials from carefully-vetted suppliers, and monitor the labour rights of all manufacturing facilities we subcontract to.
We are dedicated to a strict regime of recycling, from our daily operations and production through to our waste management and disposal.

Teamwork, experience, knowledge

Fabrizio Focarini


Fabrizio is an avid motorbike rider with over 38 years’ experience in the bike industry. He ran the moto racing teams and won the italian cup in 1999. Fabrizio was the principle mechanic for top-tier pilot in Motogp, he directed the main team behind many successful rider, where build-quality and performance are fundamental. Fabrizio’s all-round knowledge, enthusiasm and ability form the cornerstone of Focarini Bikes. Fabrizio is a geometry design master. His love for the two-wheel sport, be it bike or motorbike made him spend endless hours in workshops to execute the perfect geometry, it’s not just about the motor power, it’s the overall design and details.

Ali Katir


Ali has 10 years’ experience in the field of Cycling and bikes. Previously brand manager at custom-builder Epoca, Legend, Tommasini ,he’s also worked for leading cycle clothing manufacturers like Parentini. His understanding of both cycling and cyclists, coupled with a love of design, brings to Focarini a focus on exceptional products and excellent customer relations.

Donatella Tontini


Donatella runs day-to-day Italian market request, she has more patience than anyone we know. She can memorize the catalogue with all codes and ref numbers in not time. a rock in the Focarini team.

Omar Damiani


A lifelong downhill rider, huge knowledge in suspensions, forks, brakes and anything related to MTB.
He knows more about tyre threads than tyre makers. Omar designs, executes then rides the bikes, only once he is 100% satisfied the product will be released to the market.

Valentina Focarini


Our number cruncher, Valentina is our account manager. She keeps all accounts in orders from clients accounts to suppliers bills.

Marco Piccini


Banks, Payments, anything to do with maths, is Marco’s job. his calculator has the numbers faded on the buttons. Very patient man. another talent of his, the forklift is his favorite toy.

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