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How do I buy a Focarini?

You can buy directly off our website, using secure online payment. Once you’ve decided on the bike you want, click ‘BUY’ and you’ll be taken through the necessary steps. Alternatively you can visit one of our stockists and buy your bike directly from them. If they don’t have the model you want in stock, we can ship it to them.

What about packing and warranty?

We pack all our bikes in our warehouse, and carry out a full quality control on every bike before it leaves. We use reliable shipping methods that are fully traceable. Every bike carries a 2-year warranty, and we have a dedicated sales and after-sales team to deal with any enquiries simply and easily.

How long will my bike take to arrive?

If our website indicates that the bike is in stock, then delivery time is the time it takes to prepare the bike and send it to its destination after the funds of payment clears in our account, This could be up to one week with Stripe secure payment. Transportation time depends on country and destination. You will receive an update on scheduled delivery time once you purchase your bike.

Will the motor carry on its own, does the motor block?

The motor is only activated when the pedals are moving in forward rotation. the motor does not operate without pedalling, there is no option to do so.

What happens when the battery runs out, can I carry on riding?

Polini battery turns the motor in reserve mood once it reaches 10%, this is done to allow you to reach a charging point. You will not be able to use turbo mood once the motor goes into reserve.

Is my bike covered under warranty?

All Focarini Bikes have factory warranty, depends on the model and its material, please refer to your bike manual for more info. The motor assistance is covered by manufacturers.

Can I use my e-bike in water or ride in heavy rainfall?

Yes the motor can be used in the rain, crossing low stream as long as the water level does not reach the motor, or any water penetration goes into the motor.

What happens to the motor if I crash? 

The motor is pretty robust and well protected, sure if the fall is very severe or the impact is too strong the motor has to be checked.

Is an e-Bike for lazy people? Do I workout/sweat when i ride?

E-Bikes has enabled countless number of people to take up cycling, You will pedal as if you are on a normal bike, the motor offer an assistance and does not replace your pedalling power.

Do you offer custom bikes? 

Yes we do, we offer custom geometry, custom color and choice of components, we offer a bespoke service, just drop us an email with your enquiry.

Is it easy to use an e-Bike? Is the system complicated?

Just like a my bike, there is no difference between an E-Bike and non E-Bike.

Can I change the battery on my bike?

Yes the battery is integrated but can be removed and changed if required.

Is the bike road legal? 

E-Bikes are road legal, no insurance is required, although recommended. E-Bikes are limited to 25 kph to be road legal.

When my bike arrives, do I need a mechanic to set it up?

We send the bike fully built ready to ride, though it is recommended you take the bike to a qualified mechanic to ensure all safety requirements are met.

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