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Our SKL/Skilled Bikes Introduction

Our company Fabrik srl offers two ranges of bikes. Focarini bikes is our new and latest bike line, However our SKL/Skilled range has been around for many years. Many recognise the brand due to it’s wide presence in Italian bike shops. The SKL line was Fabrizio and Donatella’s first creation when they departed from previous company Tecno Bikes and decided to create their own. In the last 6 years the company has grown to be one of the most competitive bike brands in Italian market with a large assembly factory in both Italy and Poland and over 30 employees. SKL can be simply identified as the family bike brand.

SKL offers a great value for money everyday and city bikes, in addition to a wide range of entry level road, gravel, mountain and adventure bikes. We pay a great attention into creating a quality product. Each and every bike is studied and built with a specific user in mind, from children’s bike to city, gravel and MTB.

Fabrizio’s connection in the bicycle world and his highly respected figure made it easy to work with world leading component brands and suppliers, With this in mind Fabrizio set out to create a great catalogue of bikes which made it simpler to choose without having to spend big sum on a decent bike. Today, we have made this even easier by offering our SKL bike range via our e-commerce website Focarini Bikes. You can now browse our website and buy from home, we deliver the bike to you ready to use.

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