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Focarini Agile

Women’s specific City cruiser with Motinova Volans central motor, complete setup for all-weather conditions with mudguards, Rear rack, adjustable bars and bright set of front and rear lights. Reinforced frame design with anti-torsional flex support in the middle due to lower tube design. The Agile comes in one size which is 48cm that suit most rider’s height with adjustable seat post and saddle, also handlebar level. 

The Agile can be used as city or weekend bike, whether on busy city streets or country lanes the Agile feels easy to handle and enjoy. The perfect scooter or car replacement for bust towns.

Limited stock, contact us to reserve your bike.

  • Free Delivery
  • Secure Payment
  • 24 Month Warranty
  • Frame Material


  • Motor

    Oli Move 36v 250W

  • Battery

    Integrated 36V, 14AH, 504WH

  • Display

    Oli 5 leves LCD

  • Weight


  • Sizes

    One Size

  • Color

    Avio, Grey, Peach

  • Lights

    LED – Motor connected

  • Mudguards-Rucksack-stand

    Included as standard.

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